Tuesday, 3 August 2010

I Want a Silhouette

I know today I usually blog about a particular craft or art medium but today I just needed to share with you the machine I now want.  I have only discovered this today and really want it!  It is the Quickutz Silhouette SD.  The Silhouette SD is a digital cutting tool that connects to your computer like a printer but instead of printing it cuts the images.

With the Silhouette SD you can use fonts already on your computer or download thousands of images for your designs.  You can use it for creating vinyl wall art, like the top picture, or it can be used to make heat transfers to put onto fabric, like the cushion above.

It is also great for papercraft and card making.

Glass Etching

With the Silhouette SD you can also produce intricate rhinestone templates.

It seems the possibilites are endless and I really WANT one! Unfortunately the cost is a little off putting, retailing at $300 and I have not managed to find a UK stockist to see how much it would costs here.

I shall add this to the top of my wishlist and continue to try to find a UK stockist.  In the meantime I can indulge in its very own blog!


Moobaacluck said...

Wow, amazing what is invented these days - she says in her granny voice ;

Sharon said...

wow, quickutz have come along way since the days I had one!

I know the feeling, there are a few things I want but I need to sell a hell of a lot before I can afford them!

Mermaid said...

I thought Sizzix were cool but this is another level!

Christine said...

Ooooh that looks fab *adds to my wishlist too*

Confessions of crafty mummy said...

Uh oh, Another gadget im going to "need" lol

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