Friday, 6 August 2010

Fabric Friday - Lisa Stickley

There used to be an advert for Cadburys Crunchie's with that motto 'Thank Crunchie it's Friday', well for me it's thank fabric it's Friday!!  Yes it is Friday again and that means it's Fabric Friday.  Today I am featuring a talented English designer, who's work I have loved for a while; it's Lisa Stickley.  Aswell as designing gorgeous fabrics Lisa designs homewares and bags, incorporating her fabric.

Lisa Stickley says that her interest in design probably started with Lego, yet as a child she was always making and creating wonderful things. Her mother made some of her clothes as a child but her Aunt was the real inspiration in learning to sew and knit.  By the time Lisa was a teenager she had acquired a hand-turning sewing machine, which led to more creativity with textiles.  This interest in design and passion for textiles led Lisa to study printed textile design, graduating from both Central St. Martins College of Art & Design and  The Royal College of Art.

Next came an internship in New York with textile designer Jack Lenor Larson.  Being in New York meant Lisa could visit many flea markets and led to developing her own style, which certainly is quintessentially english.  In 2003 the Lisa Stickley brand was established and has now grown extensively.  Lisa Stickley London has a store in London, mail order catologue, website and various items are stocked within major stores in the UK and internationally, including Selfridges, Fenwicks and Liberty.

Lisa Stickley London range offers three main catergories, including delectable homewares, 1950's and 1960's inspired fine bone china and cotton coated bags and purses in beautiful prints.  However the brand has recently taken a new direction under the collection title of Lisa Stickley England, by producing bespoke furniture pieces. 

Aswell as successfully expanding her own brand Lisa Stickley has collaborated or consulted with many companies including Burberry, Green & Blacks, Paul Smith and has a new collection launching with Debenhams, under their 'Designers at Debenhams' logo.

This summer a new book has been published by Quadrille Publishing, written by Lisa Stickley so that she can share some simple yet gorgeous patterns for making your own homewares and bags.  I was very fortuante to review 'Made at Home' and it really is a fantastic book.  Here is my review :

  I love sewing books and adore fabric so was thrilled to learn that Lisa Stickley had written a book about both. With a rising trend towards people sewing items for their homes Made at Home is ideal, even if you have never sewn before in your life.

In the front pages of the book Lisa explains different sewing terms, stitches and the importance of choosing the right fabric, just as you would choose ingredients for a recipe. This is a great guide for beginners and even accomplished seamstresses.

The projects in Made at Home are clearly set out by the room you would chose to use them, with ideas for cushions, napkins, table runners, teacosies and many more. All the projects are shown as a finished item in Lisa Stickleys gorgeous fabrics.

Throughout Made at Home you feel like Lisas fabulous personality shines through with each description or illustration. And the illustrations are wonderful!

Made at Home is a wonderfully simple book with comprehensive instructions that a beginner would not find daunting and a more advanced sewer or fabric lover will love.

In my opinion Lisa Stickleys designs are beautifully understated yet are a great focal point when used to adorn various rooms in your home.  Her fabulous illustrations are incorporated with her designs and some of the florals make me question if they are screen or digitally printed.  I can only hope for many more wonderful designs to leave the Landor Road studio over the coming seasons as Lisa Stickley is a truly inspiring British designer.


Liz, said...

I want, no, I need that green bag!

Liz x

Christine said...

I hold you entirely responsible for the shopping spree I just had in her shop!

Mermaid said...

Liz - I also need that green bag!!

Christine - I appologise for offering such tempting treats!

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