Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Selling in Multiple Marketplaces

As is life wasn't confusing enough, the internet has added to such confusion for artists, designers and makers when it comes to selling their wares.  The creation of Etsy, Folksy, Misi, etc are fabulous but also can create more computer time and less making or designing time. 

Last week I wrote my first post for the UK Handmade blog discussing the pros and cons of selling in multiple market places. Whilst it may seem beneficial to try and sell your work in many different venues these will all need promoting, which as you know is very time consuming.   So before opening a shop in every available outlet please read my post over at UK Handmade

Places to Sell Your Wares

There are so many, please share any more in the comments section.

Also take 10 minutes to read the great advice from UK Handmade in response to Mary Portas' advice.

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