Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The Power of Ning

Whilst most of us are aware of Twitter and Facebook there are other networking tools available free of charge and from the comfort of our desks.  Earlier this year I discovered the UK Handmade ning network, which is  a great website for UK based artists, designers and makers.  A few weeks later I discovered British Mummy Bloggers ning network and signed up in hope of promoting my blog and gaining more readers, which  I did!  But what is a ning network?

Ning is a website that you can create your own social network around a central theme, so BMB is a network for mummy (and daddy) bloggers.  On the Ning website you can also search for other networks to connect with that relate to your business or your interests.  I have also discovered other ning networks through other blogs, as many display badges for the networks they are a part of.

On the BMB and UK Handmade networks you have your own page to display links to your shops, blogs, websites and can link to your twitter account. There are also groups you can join and forums to ask questions. The greatest thing about a Ning network is that you are all working towards  a similar goal so the support is great.

Go on, join in and enjoy the power of ning!

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