Tuesday, 10 August 2010

A Day in the Life

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I love to see other peoples studios and enjoy finding out about a normal day for a full time crafter. I dream of having a studio/workroom like these I have pictured today, maybe one day! I know some of you are lucky enough to design and create as a full time business, whilst some of you are 5-9ers, creating after a full days work in a number of professions. 

Over the next few weeks I would love to feature some of you and your work on Tuesdays, asking you to write about a day in your life, whatever craft discipline or art and design medium you specialise in.  Even if you don't craft as a full time business or it is just a hobby I would love to hear about your inspiration, the way you work, is it methodical or you just create a whole piece at once, or are you like me and have several projects on the go at once!

If you would like to share a day in your creative life please email me buttonsandbows130{at}btinternet{dot}com I am happy to give more pointers of what to write or could just email you some questions and write up an interview if you prefer.

By sharing a day in the life of different designer makers we can all learn more about what is involved in creating something that we don't create ourselves. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Make My Day UK said...

will drop you a line right now! :)

Miss Mary Elliott said...

ohh they are all so pretty :) mine seems a mess in comparison lol xx

MitziMakes said...

all those studios look wonderful! all organised and light.. and colour coordinated! A girl can dream :)

cupcakejojo said...

Wow what fantastic workspaces! You've chosen really inspiring pictures. Certainly makes me on my sofa covered in felt, buttons & fabric look completely disorganised! x

Mermaid said...

I am not sure people really have such beautiful & organised workspaces!!

Cupcakejojo - I know exactly what you mean!!

hello gorgeous said...

fab idea gorgeous! can't wait to start reading about other crafters day/routine! ;o)

have a fab fun-filled day ;o)


hello gorgeous xxx

Lizzet said...

Can't wait to see other workspaces! I would love to have mine all pretty and nice, I will one day I have a few ideas and it will be great :) Looking forward getting some ideas from your blog ;)

StitchMinx said...

I love the pictures, an inspiration to get my own work sorted out and put in the right space at home!

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