Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Around the World in a Meal

Morning! Did you enjoy making pancakes last night? We had ours last week as Tuesdays are so manic in our house that we end up serving dinner at least twice! Thankfully that is the only really busy day so we usually get to eat as a family the rest of the week.  I do love having all my children together at the dinner table, it's such a lovely way to catch up on each others days. 

We are also known to play a game whilst eating that involves the alphabet and countries around the world.  Taking it in turns around the table we name countries beginning with each letter of the alphabet.  This is a fab way to help your children learn country names although we always get stuck on certain letters. Well if you can name seven countries beginning with Q I will eat my hat! This game is also great fun for naming cities, animals, food or I am sure there are many other ideas.  So next time you sit together as a family for dinner why not play a game of Alphabet Countries, it's great for us grown ups too!

Do you play games at the dinner table? I'd love to know ;)

Have a fab Wednesday,

3 comments: said...

We played this last week waiting for our food in Wagamamas. Normally we'd only get to about D but we got all the way through the alphabet as it was half term!

Janine Edgar said...

I love this idea!We're doing berry tasting in our Crafty Cooks lessons this week and that will be a great way to get the kids thinking about different types of fruit! Thanks:)

Zoe Grant said...

It is a very fun game, glad to hear we're not the only ones who play it!!

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