Monday, 27 February 2012

Lucy Loves - Wooden Letters

Hello you lovely lot, I hope you all had a fab weekend.  On Saturday was Lucy's birthday party and I think it was a success, although a little noisy!  The girls put together pictures to be embroidered in hoops, that can then be hung on their bedroom walls.  Thankfully the selection of ideas I showed them in Mollie Makes were well received and they were quickly tracing and stitching designs.  After all that stitching a tea party was served on my vintage china, with a little warning of please be careful, these plates are older than me!  The girls swiftly enjoyed crustless finger sandwiches, cocktail sausages, cookies and fairy cakes, iced by the birthday girl with fondant icing roses.  A lovely civilised affair, with lots of chatting and giggling that ended with a noisy charge around the garden, skateboarding on their tummies down the hill! Well isn't that what civilised young ladies do!!

Lucy is back today with more lovely things she has found and seems to have got the hang of blogging with planning her posts and taking a theme.  She's even taken to advising me about sentence construction!  So here you go, the loveliest not so little girl in the blogosphere (I am biased of course).

Today’s blog post I’ve decided to write about wooden letters.  There are so many beautiful things out there but these are just one of those beautiful items out there they can go anywhere they could even be a thing at your party or wedding.

Floral Wooden Letters from Giddy Kipper

This beautiful letter is from one of my favourite painted wood shops.

Tea & Cake Handpainted Sign from Little Pom

This beautiful set of wooden letters would look lovely in the kitchen.

'Us' Wooden Birds from Cut By Fire

These pretty letters would be a good wedding present.

'Dad' Vintage Map Letters from Bombus

I know my dad would like this

Vintage Music Letters from Bombus

I would love this in my room.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this


PS Hope you all have a fab start to the week, make it a good one :) Zoe x


Coombe Mill said...

Lovely piece of blogging. Those wooden letters are great. Happy birthday too!

Becky@bombus said...

Wow, that party sounds GREAT fun! Happy birthday Lucy. Glad you had a lovely day. And huge thanks for featuring our letters. ♥

GiddyGirl said...

Another lovely blog post Lucy and we are honoured to have been included! Big thank you for that! Hope you had a wonderful birthday - your party sounds amazing!
Heidi xx

Patti Wunder said...

Such a fun birthday!!

Loving the letters, especially the "Bird Us" set... Fabulous!

Thanks for sharing. My week is off to a terrific start! Hope yours is as well :)


Zoe Grant said...

Thank you for all your lovely comments, Lucy says thank you too :))

ursula (room to bloom) said...

Hi Zoe - great post! Do you know The Leterroom ( - they have letters for every occasion, lovely website too. (I don't work for them by the way : )

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