Friday, 24 February 2012

Family Holidays - Just So Festival

Hello my lovelies, it's Friday again and another week has flashed before my eyes. So much to do and never enough hours in the day! Nevermind, I actually love being busy but have to admit that yesterday I took some time out to reflect on everything I am trying to do at the moment.  This may seem like a crazy notion when the to-do list is a mile long but it is hugely beneficial to get away from my desk for a few hours and reflect.  I urge you all to down tools for an afternoon at least once a month and you must not feel guilty whilst you take some time out.

For todays family holiday post I wanted to explore the family festival idea again and this week have chosen to look at Just So Festival.  This is a boutique festival bursting with creativity for children, teenagers and parents too.  Having read the Just So Stories I am very intrigued by this festival and with five budding artists and writers I am sure there is alot for them to do at this festival.  So what can we expect from a weekend at Just So Festival?  Well the first thing that jumped out at me when visting their website is the notion of Trapreze Lessons.  How cool would it be to swing through the air on a trapeze?  I know Lucy would love this as she is reguarly found hanging upside down from the monkey bars and she was very excited after having a turn on a friends trapeze last month. 

Maybe trapeze lessons aren't your thing and you would prefer to spend the weekend with both feet firmly on the ground! Perhaps you and your children would enjoy storytelling, learning to juggle, practising for the Sports Day, making music, learning the art of paper folding or creating your own masterpiece worthy of a place in the Tate I am sure.  My favourite idea is the new 'All The World's a Stage' where your family are given an hour to dream up a play and perform it. Within this arena you can also dream up fabulous costumes and have fun changing show songs.  Oh yes this is where you would find me, I do love to sing!!

Another important aspect in my childrens world is food.  Thankfully they are not afraid to try new food and I am sure they would enjoy what is on offer in 'The Social' and the promise of a midnight feast too!  Then when you need a rest, a little sit down, you can indulge in performances from a selection of bands in Footlights. Then having rested your feet you can pop across to The Jitterbug to learn some groovy moves under the glitter ball or indulge your strictly fantasties as you waltz at the tea dance.

Have you been to the Just So Festival? It certainly looks like lots of fun! To book for this years festival, 17-19 August at Rode Hall Parkland, Cheshire, visit the Just So website

Enjoy your weekends everyone

Images all taken from Just So Festival Facebook page.

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