Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Big Necklaces

Inspiration comes from many places and for todays blog I owe this to the Style Stalker at Adorn London (http://www.adorn-london.com/).  This week has captured some fantastic pieces worn to London Fashion Week and there seems to be a new trend of big statement necklaces.  (Or maybe this has been around for a while and I am slow on the uptake!).  I adore necklaces and bright, big beads but I have to say these new big necklaces look fantastic using fabric, ribbon and beads.....what more could I ask for?  

For more inspiration search for fabric necklaces or necklaces with fabric flowers on Folksy or Etsy.

I'm off now to try an idea with some fabric yoyos I made the other day...and some ribbon of course!

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