Monday, 8 March 2010

Making things with Mummy

With a crafts revival and more women wanting  a work/life balance there are many businesses being started by creative mummies.  Many of us were taught by our grandmothers or mothers how to bake, crochet, sew and knit but we have expanded our reportoires with jewellery, cards and scrapbooking.  Of course I musn't forget painting, photography and ceramics.  The list is possibly endless but I think I have covered the main art & craft practises being seen on the likes of Etsy & Folksy.  It would appear that us mummies are a truly talented bunch in between school runs, nappy changes and cooking the tea! 

So as a tribute to all creative business mummies I am going window shopping for some lovely things that I would love for Mothers Day which have been made by other mummies.  (I cannot possibly include everybody and everything so please accept my appologies if I haven't shown your work).

Available from Ticketty Boo

Available from Polka

Available from Clairanna Designs

Available from Eva B Designs

Available from Black Daisy Designs

Available from Emma in Wonderland

Available from Sascalia

Available from Zoe & Drew

There really are so many talented Mums out there who hopefully are acheiving the work/life balance and still getting to be creative.  As a mother and a creative person I hope I can find the balance.


Emma in Wonderland said...

You have such a great blog - Thank you so much for featuring me!

I'm not entirely sure I've really found the work/mummy/creative balance yet, but if it hadn't been for motherhood, I'd probably never have found my creative streak at all!

Emma ♥

angela said...

Thanks for including my beach hut textile picture. Your blog is lovely. I too probably wouldn't have found my creative streak if it hadn't been for having kids and becoming a full time Mum - when my youngest started school that's when Ticketty Boo was born!

All your picks are really lovely

Ticketty Boo x

Mermaid said...

Thank you for your lovely comments. Whilst I have always been crative I too have found this has increased since having my children. I guess those sleepless nights help in some ways as this is when I find most of my ideas are formed!

maricesworld said...

I'm always balancing on a knife edge...between housework, studying, kids, kids schoolwork, creative time and of course playtime...

marice x

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