Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Seeing YoYo's before my eyes!

I have spent the past few days in between everything else sewing fabric yoyos for some cushions I am busy making.  Big ones, small ones, medium sized ones.....pink ones, stripey ones, dotty ones and yellow ones,  I'm beginning to wonder if it's spots or yoyos before my eyes!!  So to give me a break from little running stitches I decided to see what other people are using yoyos for!

Available from Seams So Easy

Available from SH Creations

Available from Bliss Knits

Available from Tefi

Available from Yoyoodyne Inc

Availabe from DK Temple

Yoyo's are a great embellishment to many projects and very simple to make.
  • Cut a circle of fabric double the width you want the finished yoyo to be.
  • Fold the raw edge in,(with the wrong side of the fabric facing you) but not too much, enough for a small hem.
  • Sew a running stitch all the way around the circle, folding over the edge as you go, if you haven't pinned it.  (I do it this way as I can never be bothered to pin the hem!)
  • Now gently pull the thread so the edge ruffles until you have what resembles a rossette
  • Tie off your thread, you now have a yoyo!
  • WARNING they are addictive!!

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