Wednesday, 24 March 2010


The house is filled with the yummy aroma of cupcakes.  I am working my way through the delicious Hummingbird Bakery cookbook at the moment after finding it at the library the other day.  I'm not sure I'll have managed every receipe before it's due back.....thank goodness for renewals!

So I started to think of cupcake inspired creations and decided to take a look on Etsy & Folksy, here's some of the results!

This gorgeous collection of wet felted 'cakes' could be used as pincushions.
Available  from Woolly Duck

Textile art on canvas
Available from Art Angel

'C' is for cupcake
Available from Little Lottie Ladies

Available from Jennys Bake Shop

This would make the drying up less of a chore!

No these aren't edible!

Available from Buttons & Bows

I'm off now to make some vanilla frosting.


lottie frank said...

great blog and great post, thanks so much for featuring my card :)

artangel said...

These are all wonderful, and just right for Easter! Thank you for featuring my little canvas :)

Gnomead said...

Lovely cupcakes, making me hungry!!

Charlotte said...

Hi Zoe, thank you for featuring my tea towel, lovely blog :)

woollyduck said...

Thank you very much for showing my cupcakes - they won't be as tasty as the ones you are baking though!!

Mermaid said...

Thank you for al the lovely comments!

scribblingmum said...

I love love the hummingbird cookbook which my sister got me from christmas. My husband loves baking (hmm, bet he likes me sharing ^that^with you all..) so whips cupcakes up at the weekend. Those piccies have got me wishing it was Saturday !

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