Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Knit one, purl one

Continuing with a focus on crafting skills passed down from our mums, todays craft is knitting. It's a long time since I have knitted anything but was recently inspired in the library.  I was looking for books of knits for children for patterns for my mum to knit for my daughters when I came across two great books by Lucinda Guy.  The items in these books were truly lovely and some looked easy enough for a novice like me!  I have yet to try any of these patterns but I plan to. 

Knitting has had a revival, partly due to the number of celebs who have taken up the needles but also I think because it is a skill passed easily from generation to generation.  Both my grandmother and my mum taught me how to knit but sadly is not something I have done in a long time.  Although I did manage to remember how to cast on the other week when my eldest daughter asked to learn. So maybe it's time to dust off my needles and pop to the wool shop.

Another excuse to buy a bag!
For a good selection of knitting bags visit Roseland Bags

Gorgeous hand printed fabric.

Yummy pattern

I would love to be able knit this.

Perfect for storing your latest projects.

Gorgeous pattern

Very cute pattern

My youngest daughter has just seen these aliens & fairy and wants them!

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julie said...

thanks so much for featuring my cupcakes. What a lovely knitted line up to be included in!

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