Friday, 12 March 2010

Fabric Friday - Clarissa Hulse

It's Fabric Friday hooray!!! The weather maybe miserable but it's Friday and that means I get to indulge in the wonderful world of fabric.  One thing in design that is very important to me is colour and todays featured designer does not shy away from the use of colour.  Clarissa Hulse produces gorgeous prints inspired by nature that are used for various applications.  Aswell as texties Clarissa has a range of wallpaper and her designs have also been used by the likes of WH Smiths for a range of stationary. 

In 1992 Clarissa graduated from Brighton Art College and moved to London to become a freelance textile designer.  By 1994 she had opeed her studio and created a range of scarves, which were soon snapped up by Barneys in New York.  The business grew internationally and in 2000 Clarissa was approached by Liberty's to design a range of scarves as they celebrated their 125th anniversary.  The past decade has seen Clarissa expanding her range, launching her website and suppyling over 100 stores worldwide and collaborating with high street stores for various homeware ranges.

I adore Clarissa's work, gorgeous colourful designs that seem to work for a variety of products.  I also admire the fact that Clarissa combines running a successful design business with motherhood.  Whilst her business was started before her family when so many of us start our businesses to avoid trying to combine the 9-5 with being mummy, Clarissa certainly has not let having young children stall her creative output.  I can only hope to see many more years of designs from Clarissa Hulse.

Coffee Beans Bed Linen

Meadow Silk Dupion Fabric

One of my favourites!

Burnet Briar Lampshade

Cow Parsley Reeds Patchwork Cushion

Tiny Vine Clutch Bag

Visit Clarissa Hulse's website for a great selection of homewares, bags, fabrics & wallpapers.


Mrs Mac said...

Thanks for joining in and posting some articles on Selling Handmade. You've been very busy :o)

Mermaid said...

My pleasure! I love to promote handmade and pledged to buy handmade the things I can't make this year, where possible. So far so good!!

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