Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Creative Children

Carrying on from yesterdays post I thought today I would think about crafting with children.  My children all love to make things, my eldest son loves to bake, my younger son is always doodling and drawing and my three daughters love all things crafty.  For Christmas I  brought each of three daughters a little polka dot suitcase and filled it with ribbons, beads, fabric scraps, felt and for my three year old chunky crayons and glitter glue aswell.  They have now added to their collections with patterned papers, buttons and lots of other little bits & pieces, including squares of wrapping paper salvaged from the eldests birthday.

My mother taught me to knit and bake and my grandmother taught me to sew and embroider, so I think it's important to pass on skills to my own children.  Both my sons can sew on a button, a skill I must teach my husband!  I have always encouraged all of my children to be creative, never shying away from toddlers and paint and not shouting when I found my sons colouring in the wall when they were 2 and 3!

There are lots of great kits out there for children to make things or you could just buy some card, glitter glue , beads and ribbons and there are plenty of free backing papers that can be downloaded to help them get creating.

Crochet Taster Kit

Crafty Treats Jar

both available from Rachel Henderson Crafts

Mini Bunting Kit
available from Sew Recycled

Make your own Sock Hopper
available from Made by Kate

Children's Card Making Kit
available from The Blithe Bee

Owl Sewing Kit

Russian Doll Painting Kit

both available from Kit and Caboodle Design

Hours of fun!!!


Jo Clarke said...

Great idea to pick out the kits, I have my mum and aunts to thank for teaching me knitting and sewing and I hope that I've passed it on to my two.

Turtle said...

Nice post! I love that Sock Hopper kit, it looks so professional. I think I have a packaging obsession.

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