Thursday, 19 April 2012

Book Review - Road To London by Barbara Mitchell Hill

Afternoon and welcome back. Did you try the French Toast Cumpets for lunch? I'm back this afternoon to share a book review from Lucy.  She was very lucky to receive a copy of Road To London by Barbara Mitchelhill, which is available from bookshops this month.  Lucy is an avid reader and has recently saved up for a Kindle as she had run out of bookshelf space! She reads all sorts of books and is often rescued from under the pages when I go to bed as she has fallen asleep whilst reading.  I have to admit that I haev not as yet read this book so will let Lucy share her review.

When I was asked to review the book ‘Road to London’ I was very pleased since I had just finished my books from the Library.

The book ‘Road to London’ is a fun and exciting adventure about a boy who wants to travel with Shakespeare and his actors but is not allowed. Then he meets Shakespeare in his house in the boys village. He reminds Shakespeare of his son which is just his luck since he is offered to come along and watch his show the next day. But from that moment on every thing goes wrong since he goes poaching and is almost caught so he has to escape before he is killed. On the way to London he meets some bad people and a good one who is about to change his life forever. This person is a girl of his age who works at a bar and is whipped and does not like it there so she helps him escape to London, which is where she used to live.

The boy joins Shakespeare’s group and everything is going brilliantly till the girl returns, this time with a boys hair cut. It turned out she had been working for  a foreign man. From that moment on there is a fire, a show for her majesty and almost a death!

I would recommend this book to anyone 10 or over.  It was fun reading about children in Shakepseare's time and I like his plays as I have read some that have been rewritten for children. I also like history and enjoy adventure stories so this book was perfect.  Thank you to Andersen Publishers for letting me review this book.


This teaser trailer has been made by third year students at Staffordshire University.

I know that Lucy really enjoyed this book and I am sure your older children will too.  

Enjoy your day

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