Saturday, 7 April 2012

Saturday Matinee - Happy Feet 2

Hello and welcome back for another Saturday Matinee.  I hope you have plenty of refreshments and money ready for the interval when the icecreams will be for sale at the front of the theatre.  This weeks film is perfect for younger children, although Connor even enjoyed this movie.  Happy Feet 2 has been released on DVD and BluRay this week, just in time for an Easter treat that won't cause cavities. 

We watched the first Happy Feet movie at the cinema as a treat for Amber's fourth birthday, which is now over five years ago.  So I was wondering if the long gap between the first and second Happy Feet films would make the original story still relevant.  My concerns were quickly quashed as we were met with a similar opening, but with the very young penguins singing and dancing rather than the young adult penguins of the first movie.  Erik and his siblings had all the mischievious traits of toddlers and young children but are thankfully watched over by Mumble and Gloria, their mother and father.  For those of you familiar with the first Happy Feet film, will know that Mumble was the young penguin trying to find his place in the world, not really fitting in as he prefered to tap dance than sing.

Happy Feet 2 Trailer

Continuing the theme of a young penguin not quite fitting in, Erik struggles to be accepted within his colony of Emperor penguins as he really does not want to dance.  The adventures soon begin as he attempts to run away, swiftly followed by his siblings and of course Mumble, his father.  They meet with another colony of penguins including The Mighty Sven, a penguin who can fly and elephant seals to then return to a very changed landscape.  The film then becomes what seems to be a fated attempt to rescue their colony as shifts in their environment cause what could be a major disaster.  However they are not left to try on their own, with other penguins rushing to help, humans attempting a rescue and the elephant seals even return.

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Music is again an important factor of  Happy Feet 2, with the elephant seal cavalry arriving to the sound of the Rawhide theme tune to then have penguins and seals tapping to Queen's Under Pressure.  Comedy is courtesy of Matt Damon & Brad Pitt's plight as Krill, a prawn like crustacean, which is a wonderful light relief from the drama and suspense of the Emperor penguins plight. 

The similarities between Happy Feet and Happy Feet 2 are numerous yet the story of triumph over adversity makes for a great family movie and even if you have never seen the first Happy Feet film, I am sure you will thoroughly enjoy Happy Feet 2.

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A huge thank you to the fab people at Warner Bros for sending the Happy Feet 2 Bluray for todays Saturday Matinee.

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