Saturday, 28 April 2012

Saturday Matinee - Ramona & Beezus

Welcome back for another family film fest.  Last weekend I found my daughters watching Ramona & Beezus again, they have watched this film so many times, they are beginning to know the script! I actually don't mind as this is a fab film.  I read all of the Ramona stories as a child and was so thrilled to see that the Beverly Cleary characters were  being brought to life.  Of course there is the instant appeal to my children as Beezus is played by Selena Gomez, of 'Wizards of Waverly Place' fame.  For me the films appeal got even better when I realised SATC actor John Corbett, who played Ade, was Ramona & Beezus's dad! Anyway with that aside, the biggest issue with bringing books to life is whether they live up to our expectations. 

Having recently been reading the Ramona stories with my daughters they were already familiar with the characters and the film takes several of the books ideas to make a brilliant feature film. Ramona is a nine year old girl whose best intentions usually end in mishap and her imagination and creativity is brought to life perfectly by the young actress, Joey King.  Her family is always on hand to deal with the mishaps she creates and the films story is uplifting, especially when they seem set to loose their home. But fear not as Ramona actually manages to inadvertently save the day. With the romantic sub plot of Ramona's Aunt Bea and their neightbour, Hobart, this film maybe a little sickly sweet for some but for me it is quite simply adorable and reminds me that nice things really do happen to nice people.

As a fan of Beverly Cleary's stories I am happy to say the Ramona & Beezus movie is well worth watching and I am sure you won't be watching it just once!

Have a wonderful weekend,


Gabriella Buckingham said...

I'd never heard of the Ramona books Zoe! I'll look out for them. It would be nice to see some posts about great books for children as they are just starting to read for themselves.

Zoe Grant said...

Ramona is a wonderful character, often with her head in the clouds, wonderfully creative too! I'm sure both you nad your daughter would love these books Gabs :)
I am planning on starting to write posts about childrens books, so really welcome the feedback.

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