Saturday, 14 April 2012

Saturday Matinee - Horrid Henry The Movie

Hello and welcome back for more film fun.  This week we treated the children to some new DVD's as the weather hasn't been great and to be perfectly honest buying three DVD's is half the price of cinema trip for our family!  Amber and Lucy chose Horrid Henry, which I have been wanting to see after years of reading the books with the children and watching the cartoon series with them after school most days.  I had read reviews last summer to suggest that the film was a disappointment for many avid Henry fans.  Amber had already seen the movie last year at the cinema and had enjoyed it, but would it be a hit with the rest of the Grant household?

For me Horrid Henry is loud, messy and a little bit wild with straight laced, tired parents and a goody goody little brother.  Yet the movie character of Henry was a little tidier than the book and cartoon character, hair not quite so unruly.  His parents didn't seem nearly as tired as their cartoon counterparts and a little nicer too and Peter wasn't nearly as sickly sweet as you have come to expect.  So with these comparisons made in the initial minutes of the film we watched the story unfold.  Henry and his friends get up to their usual antics and long to be rock stars, see their names in lights! 

Horrid Henry fails to hand in his homework yet again which is the catalyst for the events that unfold throughout the film, which then sees him teaming up with Moody Margaret and Perfect Peter, an unlikely alliance, to try to save their school.  Along the way they out manovure School Inspectors, topple an evil headmaster from his top spot and win a talent contest, judged by Killer Rats frontman Ed Banger, played by who else but Noel Fielding.  The final challenge for Horrid Henry is to complete the challenges set by Dick & Dom in a spoof tv show 'Too Cool for School'.

This is a fun family film but do not expect Henry to be quite as horrid as the books as he sets out to save the school we all know he hates with Perfect Peter & Moody Margaret as allies instead of enemies.  Would I recommend Horrid Henry The Movie? Actually yes I would, it is fun, silly and who doesn't love Horrid Henry!  Did the Grant chidlren enjoy it? Yes they did, they laughed and watched intently as the they hoped Horrid Henry would save the day!

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