Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Family Tech - Time to Solve the Digital Film Mystery

Hello lovelies, hope you're all wrapped up warm, it's bliming freezing here. I think we may have gone straight to November instead of April! Let's hope a warmer Spring arrives soon as I am worried we will need to hide under throws and watch movies, instead of building sandcastles on a warm beach.  Although I do love a movie and yesterday when I visited Warner Bros I learnt all about how to watch films wherever I am.  Hands up who knows what Blinkbox is? How about Fliskter? Anyone know what UV means on your triple play sets when you buy a DVD/Bluray? No I didn't think I'd be seeing many hands in the air.  Well let me explain and hopefully you will all be enlightened and using those codes you find in your DVD/Bluray boxes.

This is an exciting new way that film studios are allowing you to view your digital copies of films.  Using UV you can download and stream movies and television shows via wi-fi.  The UV cloud stores your purchases and rentals for you to then stream or download to your computer, tablet and smartphone.  This is not restricted to Apple users either, the Android technology can also let you share UV wherever you are. 

Basically you create an account with Flixster, type in the code from your triple play movie et voila, you can now access that film wherever you are.  The beauty of this is that up to five people can have access to your account and all five can watch soemthing different from your UV cloud at the same time.  Perfect if you have an older child at Uni, a teen on a school trip faced with a long coach journey, bored younger children sat in the car waiting for siblings to finish footie training or dance classes.  They can all access your movies and they don't even need to fill up their memory of their phone, tablet or laptop, they can just stream the film or show leaving their megabytes free for something else!

This might be one of the new digital film options you have already seen, as Tesco are working with Blinkbox to allow you to have any DVD/Bluray purchases via available on a Blinkbox account.  Yet there is plenty more available with Blinkbox.  Similar to UV in that you can watch your movies on the go and Blinkbox also lets you access your movies the same day as purchase too.  Yet they have a larger library of movies and tv shows, even bigger than Netflix and LOVEFILM instant, however Blinkbox is a no subscription service unlike the other two services.  With Blinkbox you only pay for what you want to watch.

As Blinkbox work with Tesco every movie you purchase with them will automatically be available from your Blinkbox account, as long as you register your clubcard when creating your Blinkbox account.

So now you can go and open your accounts, add your codes and watch your movies wherever you are! Be sure to let me know how you get on.

Yesterday I also learnt about movie stores on the Playstation network and Xbox, which basically allow you to rent or buy movies and you even have the option of HD aswell.  I also witnessed Smart TV technology but am still not convinced I would want a TV like that, but I was very impressed with the Nintendo 3DS which I was wary of after reading poor reviews.  Personally I thought the 3D top screen is fantastic and with three daughters who love playing on their DS's I might consider upgrading in the future, especially as one now has a very dodgy touchscreen.  All in all I felt like I was in techie heaven yesterday and actually came away feeling very informed and ready to try digital movies.

Finally a big thank you to the team at Warner Bros for a fun and informative time.  Now where did I put those codes?!

Have a fab day and stay warm,

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