Monday, 30 April 2012

Lucy Loves - Craft Supplies

Morning! I hope you all had a fab weekend and didn't get too wet.  It's almost May, so these April Showers must almost be over! Lucy is back today for her 'Lucy Loves' column and she is very like me in that she gets excited just looking at gorgeous craft supplies.  She has been spending some pocket money this weekend, but I shall let her tell you all about her recent purchases. 

I have recently spent my pocket money on beads. They are gorgeous and really cheap. Also for Christmas I got a sewing machine so I’ve been looking for fabric that’s not too expensive that’s when my mum said to look on Fabric Rehab. So below I’ll tell you all about TheBead Shop Scotland and Fabric Rehab.

Fabric Rehab have some gorgeous fabrics that come individually but also sell bundles that are not too expensive for such gorgeous things.

This would be great for this summer!

yummy, scrummy!

They also have some brilliant themes and sewing kits. The sewing kits would be a great gift for a small child or a teenager.

I love all of the retro fabrics but the pears are my favourite.

This reminds me of a Paperchase design!

This kit rocks!

This is cute

I love Fabric Rehab but I know some people I would like to make fabric, Dots and Spots, especially her apples and pears, also Poppy Treffry whos pea badge design I would buy loads of and Snapdragon whose letter print would make an awesome bag.

The Bead shop Scotland

I love all the beads they do, they are so fun! Also they sell moulds for the beads so you can make your own beads.  The bargain basement on the website has some great deals. Also there beading kits make great gifts.

So cute!


This is cute but a pack of multicoulored ones without the leafs are £1.95 and you get 50!!!
Love this charm

Even small children can use these to make necklaces.

These are awesome!!


Are they real?

Now I have to wait for the postman to arrive with my new beads!

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dots and spots said...

Fab blog post again Lucy - and that topic of fabric is mentioned again. I know I have tweeted about it with your mum before. It is on the 'to do list' and when I have some proper time, I WILL look at it properly. I'm being asked too many times to not give it some consideration. Happy creating with your new sewing machine too.


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