Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Good morning, I hope you are all enjoying the Easter hols, especially if you are lucky enough to not be working.  I seem to have become a little obsessed by bunnies this week and today am thrilled to share some more with you.  Whilst on the Branding Masterclass I got to know one of the very lovely owners of Cottontails.  Charlotte and her mother, Mary, also have a love for all things bunny, which is evident in the products they stock on their website.

Cottontails is the one stop shop for adorable toys for children and as the UK's recommended online retailer for Moulin Roty you know you are in safe hands.  Mary and Caroline are happy to chat to customers and advice you when you are stuck or just spoilt for choice.  With products from Moulin Roty, Maileg, Gluckskafer, Ostheimer, En Gry and Sif aswell as a selection of products handmade here in the UK, I am sure you will find plenty of choice, whether you are looking for a birthday or christening gift.  

So go make a cup of tea and take a little while to browse Cottontails wonderful website. 

Have  a lovely day,


Charlotte, Cottontails said...

Thanks so much for posting about us Zoe, I am really grateful.

I love all the products you have picked out. Especially my little grey donkey. He appeared in my film for the Cottontails nativity - he was carrying a Maileg bunny 'Mary' who was more than twice his size, lol!

Thanks again - I will return the favour :)

Zoe Grant said...

My pleasure Charlotte :)

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