Monday, 26 March 2012

Crafty Fun - Dress Up Crowns

Morning! Thank you so much for all the congratulatory messages and birthday wishes, you are all lovely :) I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and managed to enjoy this gorgeous Spring sunshine.  We've been busy gardening, still clearing the veg patch and making a new flowerbed in the front garden, transplanting the turf to the bald patches in the back garden.  Fingers crossed it works! 

Today I want to start a  new series here on the blog that allows us all to get creative, or more creative for many of us.  I find some wonderful ideas when researching posts for here and on Let's Plan A Party so I thought it would be fun to share some of the tutorials with you all. 

Today I want to share this great tutorial from We Wilsons for Dress Up Crowns.  When I was little I longed for a dressing up chest filled with treasures to take me on imaginery adventures so I have made sure my own children have had a large dressing up box.  I still have all the costumes, brought and homemade, which all get a regular outing as Kitty and Amber still love to play dressing up.  It has also come in very handy for various dress up days at school, on one occasion a knights tabard and trousers have swiftly become a spotty dinosaur!  These crowns from We Wilsons can be made for boys or girls and the instructions seem easy to follow to produce great results.

Happy making,

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