Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Review - Wall Stickers from Spin Collective

Morning! I hope you all had a a good start to the week.  I spent part of yesterday climbing around on a chair for todays review! Well I like to make sure products are reviewed properly for you.  For those of you who read reguarly know how much I love the idea of wall stickers.  Kitty and Amber have some fab Charlie & Lola wall stickers in their room and I have been wanting to add some to other rooms in the house aswell.  So when the very lovely people at Spin Collective Wall Stickers invited me to review one of their wall stickers I was very excited! 

Spin Collective Wall Stickers have a fantastic assortment of wall stickers that are suitable for every room in your house.

They have Space Invaders for the games room.....

chalkboards for the office......

ducks for the bathroom......

dinosaurs for a boys room.....

russian dolls for a girls room.....

or a baroque headboard for mum & dads room.

There are an incredible selection of wall stickers available from Spin Collective Wall Stickers and I was a little spoilt for choice.  But then I spotted it, the sticker made for me!  I love quotes and I do have a favourite quote so when I saw it on the Spin Collective Wall Stickers website my decision was made.  However it was not that simple, I had to choose a colour too and with a choice of twenty colours I was a little flumoxed.  So I decided to work out which room this quote would be going in and then I could decide which colour was best.  I decided it would be going in the main bedroom, which is overdue a revamp, yet I already have an idea of a scheme so opted for black. 

The sticker arrived rolled up in a sturdy cardboard tube with a special applicator tool and excellent instructions.  So I cleaned the wall and set to work.  I decided not to cut the sticker and attempt to stick in the two strips that it had been sent.  Some of the Spin Collective Wall Stickers wall stickers will need to be cut out before placing on the wall.  I followed the instructions step by step and soon realised as I removed the sticker from its backing paper I would need a second pair of hands. Phew, Drew was at home and happy to help!  He also helped me to lift the sticker and place it on the wall.  I then ran the applicator tool along the sticker to ensure it stuck to the wall properly.  However the problem with curly script quote wall stickers is that little bits get tangled or misplaced.  As you can see below the the 'r' and the 'n' in learning are a little off balance.  This is entirely my fault not the wall stickers! 

So what is my favourite quote? Ta da......

So will I be buying more wall stickers? Yes, I will and Spin Collective Wall Stickers have such a fantastic collection I know I will be spoilt for choice.  I quite like the idea of another quote running up the wall along the stairs and I also like these letters for the girls rooms.

Do you love or loathe wall stickers? Please let me know I'd love to know.

Have a fab day,
Spin Collective Wall Stickers

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