Thursday, 8 March 2012

Who's Your Chores Champion?

Morning! Thank you for returning the sunshine, I really do appreciate it.  Makes it a little easier to get started on some Spring cleaning or gardening when the sun is shining.  Do you have little helpers who are happy to help mummy or daddy with the dusting or cooking or collecting the eggs from the chickens? We still have a little helper which is lovely, although she hates tidying her room Kitty will gladly help with most things without being asked.  Sadly this keeness to help around the house seems to wane from the age of seven or eight! Although all our children have set chores around the house each week to earn pocket money, they are often reluctant to do them or easily forget.  Yet it's always funny how quickly their memory returns on a Saturday when they expect payment for the chores!

Your Cover Insurance have just released a new app that I think will make the task of chores so much more fun from now on.  The Chores Worth app allows you to add family members, the chores they do and the time spent on each task and it then calculates how much these chores are actually worth. However I am concerned that this may get competitve and suddenly there will be a request for more pocket money!  The Chores Worth App is available to download for free, for Android here and iPhone here.  If you would like to find out more about the new app before, pop over to Your Cover Insurance and read more about Chores Worth.

(Spot the cracked screen!)

To celebrate the launch of the new Chores Worth app, Your Cover are hosting a fabulous giveaway on their Facebook page.  You could win all sorts of goodies for your home, including Dyson handheld vacuums, De'Longhi Magnificia coffee brewers and Bose docking stations.  All you have to do is Like Your Cover's Facebook page by 31 March for a chance to win.

Back to some Spring cleaning, think I'll start with my desk, it appears to haev been lost under a sea of paper!

Have a fab day

*This is a sponsored post for Your Cover app, Chores Worth.

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