Friday, 9 March 2012

Family Holidays - Travel Games

Morning! We've made it through another week and I think we all deserve a yummy treat with our coffee this morning, almond crossiant anyone? As it's Friday it's time to think about holidays on the blog and I thought today that I would look at fab ideas for travel games.  How many times have you been stuck in the car with grizzly, bored children and hae run out of ideas and lollipop bribes?  May difficult car journeys be over with a little pre-planning and I promise there's not an expensive in-car entertaiment system in sight! 

We have this set of cards and they are fantastic.  There are 50 cards in the pack with all sorts of fun games to play and things to do on any kind of journey.  Usbourne have some great things for travelling with children, find more here.

Travel game from Little Butterfly Toys

Hangman is such a classic car game and one we love to play. Squares or dots is another favourite.

Travel Monopoly from Amazon
There are some great travel versions of favourite board games, often complete with magnetic pieces to avoid vital parts being lost under the car seats or rolling down the plane aisle!

Wooden car from Giddy Kipper

Recently Drew devised a whole new car game over on his blog.  This is quite complicated so may not be suitable for younger children and takes the game of car spotting to a whole new level!!

Do you have some fail safe travel games? Please share in the comments or over on our Facebook page.

Enjoy your weekends


courtenay said...

We like travels toys, with a family of six four samll kids and two big ones!! Long journeys are often made easier by these fab little gems! Well worth while I'd say :-)

Jen Wood said...

I have very fond memories of playing travel Monopoly with my brother and sister on long car journeys on the way to Ireland. I'm not sure how long it stayed a complete set though - the pieces are miniscule - but it added to the challenge!

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