Sunday, 4 March 2012

Vote for Riot Raffle

Morning my lovelies, I need your help again. Sorry, I'm not one to beg but this is for Riot Raffle.  So many of you supported me in my plight to raise funds for Retail Trust to help small businesses affected by the London Riots last August.  Riot Raffle has been nominated for a Change Award in the Brit Mum Brillance in Blogging Awards, which was a wonderful surprise.  So I now ask you all to please take a couple of minutes to vote for Riot Raffle in this category.  The system is a little confusing and it seems voting is actually nominating at this stage.  The nominations are then considered by a judging panel and a shortlist is drawn up, when hopefully I will be asking for people to vote, fingers crossed.  You will need to have a link for why Riot Raffle should be nominated, so the About page on the Riot Raffle blog/website will be needed or the first post I wrote asking for help,

Brilliance in Blogging: Change!
Pretty please vote for Riot Raffle

Enjoy your Sundays everyone

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