Monday, 5 March 2012

Lucy Loves - Mother's Day Gifts

Hello. I've told Mum that she can't look at todays post so I am sneaking in to write this post!
For todays blog post I’ve decided to do a Mother's Day post. My Mum's very lucky having her birthday Mother's Day and her aniverssery all in March. So Mums do not read this it is a child viewing page only so MUMS KEEP OUT .

'My Kitchen is for Dancing' Apron from The Joy of Ex Foundation
Sadly my mum dances in the kitchen, hope none of my friends have seen!

'Save Water, Drink Champagne' Teatowel from Catherine Colebrook
Very true!

'A Very Beautiful Mother Lives Here' Sign from Abigail Bryans Designs
Again very true

Ceramic Teapot Spout Hooks from Louise Buchan
Very cool!

Red Wine Letterpress Print from Print for Love of Wood

Personalised Heart of the Home Mother's Print from Glyn West Design
This is gorgeous

Mother's Day Blocks from Chipper Nelly
What a good idea!

Personalised Quote Wall Sticker from Spin Collective
I agree!

so what are you buying your mum this year? I haven't decided yet.

P.S. Sorry Lucy I had to pop in & check the links, but some gorgeous finds ;)

1 comment:

fee @ chipper nelly said...

Hi Zoe, thank you so much for featuring my blocks over here on your lovely blog! (thankfully they are available to buy again from tomorrow)
What good taste you have! And pleased to meet you
fee @ chipper nelly

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