Friday, 30 March 2012

Family Holidays - PGL

Morning! Friday again and the end of term, phew, I need a rest.  Although working from home with five chidlren on school holidays is not what many think of as a rest! It will be lovely to not get up quite so early everyday and rush around making sure everyone has everything they need and then making sure they are all in the right place at the right time after school.  I know I am not alone in this and I think we should all be rewarded with a lazy afternoon watching movies or playing board games with our children.

As it's Friday I am thinking about family holidays again and as it's the start of a school holiday I thought I would look at PGL holidays. When I was younger they were known as 'Parents Get Lost' amongst my friends and I am led to believe that this is still the case!  Since 1957 PGL have been offering children the chance to forget their fears and have amazing adventures.  When I was about 17 I looked into being a playleader with PGL, having volunteered at a local playscheme for a couple of school holidays.  I don't actually remember why I didn't persue this but I know that even back then PGL Summer camps were providing children with a lifetime of memories.

Summer camps aren't the only thing offered by PGL, with a fantastic itinery for school trips, group residentials and family activity holidays too.  Connor has been lucky enough to go on a PGL holiday to France with his school and had a fantastic time.  He loved learning to canoe and abseil aswell as gaining some independance being in a different country without mum and dad.  However I am not sure I would choose to send my children on the summer camps.  This is my personal choice and has no bearing on the standard of care and support offered by PGL staff at the numerous locations of the camps.  I have been assured by staff that childrens safety is paramount.  Yet for me holidays are about spending time with my children.  In the US it is often the norm to send children away to camp for the summer which as a child must seem very appealing to head off to basball camp or circus camp and make new friends and learn new skills.  Here in the UK it is not the norm and I guess that's why many of us don't even consider it as an option.

For me the appealing part of PGL is the Family Activity Holidays.  There are seven options for these holidays and I know my children would love the Multi Activity option.  Imagine spending a weekend or a week canoeing, abseiling, quad biking, raft building or swinging through the air in a giant swing. In a world where technology plays a huge part in our lives I love holidays that let you be outside, away from distractions and spend time together as a family.  By partaking in activities and completing challenges together as a family trust builds and communication reaches new levels. 

So have you tried PGL holidays and loved them? Or do your children love heading off to Summer Camp with PGL? I would really love your feedback to know if the brochure and website live up to the real thing.  Oh and does anyone know if it really does stand for Parents Get Lost?!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone,

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