Friday, 23 March 2012

Family Holidays - Touring Around France

Morning! Hope you've all had a fab week and don't have too busy a day, well it is Friday.  The weather has been gorgeous here the past couple of days and I am led to believe that it is staying for the weekend. Warm sunshine will more than make up for losing an hour of my birthday as the clocks go forward here in the UK for the start of British Summer Time. As I head closer to the big 40 I've been thinking about once in a lifetime family holidays.  I know many of us have Disneyland Florida at the top of such lists, or maybe a safari in Kenya or surfing in Hawaii or Australia.  For me it would be a summer spent touring France and maybe a couple of other countries in a motorhome.

 Now don't get me wrong those other options are pretty cool but I think I'm a bit of a gypsy at heart and would love to pack up the children and head off to Europe for an adventure.  Just imagine the fun it would be, spending a few nights in The Vendee then heading down to Biarritz, across to Cannes, up to The Alps, across to the Dordogne, several nights in The Loire Valley and then up to Brittany.  Perhaps then we could cross the Atlantic to Plymouth and pop down to Cornwall for a few days before heading back home.  Perhaps not the best route, but that's why I have a super duper map reading, journey planning Drew.

I reckon we would fit in this!

I know, I know, six weeks with five children in a motorhome is crazy with a capital C but I like to think it would be fun!  Although one thing that panics me is doing the washing.  With so many children your washing machine is on at least twice a day, so how would I ever manage to keep on top of the washing? Although you seem to be able to wear clothes a little longer on holiday, maybe the sun melts the need to have pristine clothes all the time! 

So that's the washing issue sorted, we wear clothes for longer! What about food? Well that's easy, we'll be in France, food is plentiful and doesn't cost a fortune in those amazing Hypermarkets. Next on the list of queries, what if the weathers pants? Well that's why you have Nintendo DS's, books, magazines, a pack of cards, notepads to play squares or hangman in or even write a journal of the adventure.  Imagine, it would make a wonderful blog, 'Five Children   & A Motorhome'!

Now all I need to do is start saving, I think three years may just be enough to make my dream family holiday a reality.  What would your dream family  holiday be? Please share, I'd really love to know :)

Have a fantastic weekend,


Helen Rhodes said...

Zoe and Drew, My OH and I will hopefully be driving our long awaited restored Lancia Fulvia across Europe to Italy in the near future, no kids, we did the France trip as you listed when I was just pregnant with first! Restoration will be achievement with OH's MS and I shall hopefully be 5 stone lighter! Watch this space.


Derry said...

when I was 7, my parents (mainly my dad) drove us back from Riyadh (Saudi Arabia!) back to Birmingham. took us 10 weeks. I do know les parentals had mastercards...

but anyway! I think you're likely to find that if the weathers crap, it wont matter. the kids will be happy at being out, on "holiday", on an adventure. there will be things to do - we came home via france, and thats the first time i tried porridge (up a tree) - thats a bit of an aside, but you can always find something to do!!

we had ye olde cassette walkmans, they kept us occupied. colouring books, wordsearches, travel games, cards... all possible options :)


BavarianSojourn said...

Sounds incredible! I don't think you would ever be bored in a motorhome that size anyway! You could play hide and seek in that! Thanks for joining us over at Loveallblogs this week :)

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