Monday, 19 March 2012

Lucy Loves - Stuff!

Morning! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and Mother's Day.  Were you spoilt rotten and get a rest? I certainly hope you did.  Thank you for returning the beautiful sunshine, I needed to see it today after a restless night with a poorly little girl.  And thankfully Lucy has come to my rescue and emailed me a post for today.  So let's see what it is that Lucy Loves this week!


Stuff is mine and my dad’s favourite word and there is plenty of beautiful craft stuff out there and there is plenty of that stuff I would love. Here are a few of those things. 

Personalised Campervan Decoration from Moobaacluck

This product from Moobaacluck is beautiful!!!
And I love campervans so it is perfect for me!

Teacups Teatowel from Poppy Treffry

This tea towel from Poppy Treffery is to pretty to dry stuff with I would  have to frame it.

'No Place Like HOme' Papercut from Kyleigh's Papercuts

This papercut is gorgeous!!

Baby Bird Cushion from Sister's Guild

This cushion is so cute!!

Polka Dot Bracelet from Poppy Sparkles

I love buttons and think this bracelet is gorgeous!!

 Do you have a list of stuff that you love?
Thank you Lucy for another great post of fab finds :)

Enjoy the sunshine everyone.



Viv {Poppy Sparkles} said...

One of my favourite words is stuff too!

Love all the stuff you love too!

Thank you for including my Polka bracelet in your gorgeous line up.
Viv x

Emily Quinton said...

What a lovely collection of stuff!

I love those bird cushions. Thank you for sharing your finds. x


Dear Lucy, thank you for sharing. Good choices above. I am a big 'stuff' hoarder! My problem is that I don't like to throw anything away. I like to be surrounded by beautiful things and I like to make things. Hence our home is bursting with lovely stuff!
Yours Rachel

ursula (room to bloom) said...

Lovely line-up, Lucy! I particularly like the polkadot bracelet... Love little boxes with pretty stuff : )

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