Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Science Festival - Jimmys Farm

Morning! I would like to ask whoever stole Spring to return it immeadiately, pretty please.  I need to see daffodils, to have the washing drying on the line and to know it's not long until strawberry season.  I know the power of nature is beyond our control but I am ready for warmer, longer days.  Living in the beautiful Suffolk countryside I am lucky to witness the change in the seasons and it is lovely to pass the fields along country lanes and see baby lamps leaping.  One farm not so far away is Jimmys Farm and a fab farm it is.  We have watched for ourselves how Jimmy has expanded his farming business over the past few years.  From a few pigs and a farm shop to a restaurant, Joules concession, amazing veggie garden, butterflies and guinea pigs, Jimmy's Farm has become a great family day, or half a day out. 

This weekend sees the Jimmy's Farm team hosting a Science Festival as part of National Science Week.  There will be practical science shows and workshops, resident scientist from BBC's The One Show, Dr. Marty Jopson and Professor Kaos will be sharing his electric show.  As if that wasn't enough there will be the Bug Man who will be bringing along his tarantulas, scorpions, hissing cockroaches and much more besides.  If creepy crawlies aren't your thing you could find out the links between rockets and food, well I used to say to Connor and Jack that they had rocket fuel for tea!  Tickets also include Nature Trail access, so you can get to see the pigs, alpacas, guinea pigs and the chicken safari. Oh and did I mention kids go FREE! Adult tickets are only £5 if booked in advance or £6 on the gate, which all just sounds too good to be true.

Hands on science can really capture a childs imagination and lets them explore and ask questions.  Kitty has developed a real interest in experiments at the moment and thankfully as she's still in the Foundation Stage at school so she still can lead in what she is taught.  With an amazing and patient TA she has been conducting an experiment with ice and water for weeks! She has frozen water at school, defrosted it in all sorts of places, seeing how long it takes to defrost.  We have even had an ice cube come home and been sent back to school to see if it melted on the way home! Last week we filled an ice cube tray with milk at home to see if it froze and Kitty then reported back to her TA.  They have frozen jelly yesterday at school, with several of her classmates now keen to do experiments aswell as they want to know what Kitty is up to.  Whether I have a budding scientist or not I am not sure, but we are hoping the car will behave this weekend so we can pop across the Orwell bridge and visit Jimmy's Farm Science Festival.

Are you close enough to get to this fab event? If you are lucky enough to get to Jimmy's Farm this weekend I am sure you will have an amazing time.

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