Friday, 2 March 2012

Family Holidays - The Adventure Company

Morning, can you believe it's Friday already? Well weekend plans maybe changing as we've been lulled into a false sense of Spring arriving, the temperature is set to fall again this weekend so our plans to start on the veg patch maybe thwarted.  Perhaps we should all just indulge in one last wintry weekend, bake cakes, drink tea & hot chocolate and plan summer holdiays by the fire.  Let our imaginations run wild with dreams of faraway places, full of adventure and inspiration. 

Today I want to introduce you to The Adventure Company.  I discovered them a couple of years ago when I was researching holidays that offered families something a little bit different and of course some adventure.  At the time Kitty wasn't quite old enough and most of the holidays were beyond our budget but I was amazed even then at the choice & variety of holidays of offer.  I received their latest brochure in the post last week, purely for research and was amazed again at the variety of holidays available for families.  The Adventure Company have a brochure specifically for their family holidays and it is incredibly informative with detailed pages for each family trip they offer aswell as more general information about the types of trips that are available for families. 

One thing that especially appeals to me is that The Adventure Company recognises that some damage is caused to the landscapes of the areas they visit with their trips however they do not ignore this.  They take their environmental and social responsibility very seriously.  They travel in small groups and employ local Group Leaders, they offset their staffs and customers carbon omissions, supporting the Blue Ventures Carbon Offset, a not-for-profit organisation distributing solar and energy efficient stoves to subsistence communities in Madagascar.  They also make donations to several grass root initiatives aswell as charities including The Born Free Foundation, SOS Children's Villages and The Galapagos Conservation Trust.

Maybe you have always dreamed of getting up close to elephants in Asia, exploring the Inca Trail in Peru, or camp in the jungle in Borneo.  The Adventure Company brings your dreams of adventure to life and I know my own children would love to do many of the holidays in the brochure.  Although I'm not sure we would get Amber to go into the jungle, she has a fear of creepy crawlies in this country nevermind what she would see crawling around the jungle!

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing some more specific ideas for holidays with The Adventure Company and looking at what they have to offer for young families, families with teens aswell as families with children in between.  In the meantime if you want to feed your desire for a little adventure why not visit The Adventure Company website and maybe order a brochure for bedtime browsing, or am I the only one with holiday brochures by the bed?  I've actually hidden my brochure as I know all of my children would be planning adventures for the next five years at least!

So where will your next adventure take you? Let me know where you would love to visit.

Have a fab weekend everyone

All images are courtesy of The Adventure Company.

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