Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Lucy Loves - Papercutting

Morning! Halfway through the week already, how did that happen?  Lucy is back today for another Lucy Loves post with a craft she is desperate to try, papercutting.  I am a little wary as it involves a sharp craft knife, but I think with very careful supervision I may just have to let her try.

For this weeks blog I’m writing about one of my favourite crafts paper cutting! Paper cutting is a gorgeous but tricky way to show art. So here are a few that I really like.

'Beside The Seaside' Lasercut Card from Pogofandango
I love the seaside! This is really pretty.

'Three Little Birds' Papercut from Kyleigh's Papercuts
This is a gorgeous papercut

'How Sweet It Is' Papercut from Ant Design Gifts 
This another lovely papercut.

'Live, Love, Laugh' Papercut from Ant Design Gifts
My mum says this alot so it's perfect.

These are just a few papercuts and I know my mum would include Rob Ryan and Mr Yen.

Thank you Lucy these are a really lovely selection of papercuts, thank you for sharing with us your new crafty fascination, maybe at the weekend I'll let you have a try :)

Enjoy your day,


Kyleigh said...

Thank you Lucy! You should ask your mum for a cutting mat and swivel scalpel when she thinks you're safe enough to use it. I'll come and show you how ; )

gooseberrymoon said...

Lovely choices Lucy.

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